Looking for a fun and exciting way to expand your network? BYOBF Network is collaborating with Vancouver Food Tours on Wednesday, September 30th for an evening of exploring Gastown with great food, drinks, and networking. An experienced Vancouver Food Tour representative will guide us through historic Gastown, stop at two restaurants, where we try beer flights and carefully… Read more »


Staging is the ultimate solution to get top dollars for your property. Creativity and style can help you showcase your home in the right light to make it look worth the price you are asking for. The aim is to create a universal appeal and to style it with the minimum. When you sell a… Read more »


Day-to-day living is costly. Gas, groceries, home expenses, the kids, taxes, a workday coffee or lunch – it all costs and it all adds up, making it very difficult to set aside money for investing. But you know you should because contributing to your investments within an RRSP and other forms of saving and investing… Read more »

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Like many other cultures, the South Asian community has its own set of traditions and customs especially when it comes to love, relationships and marriage. However, many western cultures are joined with the SA culture in its views on values and morals especially when tender young hearts are involved. Many parents believe that certain rules… Read more »


We live in a society where we’re bombarded by pictures of glamourous women on the covers of magazines and on television. These images are cited as examples of beauty and what others should aspire to in order to be considered beautiful. In the South Asian community, it’s no different with the Bollywood starlets who grace… Read more »


Have you ever dreamed of buying a property in your favorite city – Vancouver? Then, you need to look for a full time Vancouver Realtor® who can fulfill your biggest dream as early as possible. It means you need help from full time realtors because they are authentic, liable and have the latest information about recent rules… Read more »


There have been times when some of the most amazing people I know, will call scared and fearful they are not going to be able to achieve their biggest goal to date. They are scared they don’t have it in them, so therefore become immobilized by this fear where they do not even know what… Read more »


Date:  Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm Location:  Catalyst Kinetics Group Address:  7865 Edmonds Street, Burnaby, BC Did you make health and wellness New Years resolutions that you’ve already thrown out the door? Get back on track by attending the upcoming BYOBF Network event. On Wednesday, March 11, BYOBF Network is partnering with Catalyst… Read more »

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If you’ve been thinking of selling your home or buying a new one, now is a great time. What are you waiting for? Here are a few sweet morsels of information about the current market. 1.  The Unexpected Benefit of Rising Interest Rates for Buyers Rising interest rates are predicted to ease home price increases… Read more »


Awareness Gala – Violence Against South Asian Women Campaign Date: Friday, December 5, 2014 Time: 6:30pm Location: Crown Palace Banquet Hall Address: 201-12025 Nordel Way, Surrey, British Columbia V3W 1W1 Tickets: $40 Tickets Available: Kamal’s Video Palace (Surrey) & Non Stop Pizza (on Fraser Hwy & 152 St in Surrey) For more info visit click here… Read more »


Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival holding its 4th Annual Film Festival & Networking Event Date: Sunday, November 30, 2014 Time: 5:30pm Location: SFU Woodwards, World Art Centre Address: 149 West Hastings Street, Vancouver Tickets: $10 and available here Films, Panel Discussion and Film Networking Event start at 5:30pm For tickets! http://www.clevertickets.ca/nightlife/visaff_4th_annual_film_festival_sfu_woodwards_vancouver_P1258.html VISAFF is Vancouver’s premier… Read more »


In British Columbia, signs displaying faces of  candidates are at every major intersection and on lawns of people who have decided to step into a greater sense of leadership so they can contribute to society. These signs we see are for the municipal elections. What does it take to become a leader not only in their own… Read more »

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